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Hi, welcome to my personal website. My name is Petr Čech, I'm 18 years old and mainly interested in programming desktop apps for Windows platform in C#.NET, webdesign and making models of ships as well. In games or formus I use the nick "Czubehead". I'm currently attending the grammar school Biskupské gymnázium J.N. Neumana v Českých Budějovicích, because of great students and teachers and the opportunity to learn more things than others.



As I have already mentioned, I mostly build desktop applications in a modern programming language C#, which I've started to use for Android as well. I'd say that I'm about 90% familiar with it

I don't build websites very often, because I don't consider myself that good at design, regardless I am able to do so using languages HTML5, PHP, CSS3 and a bit of JavaScript.

Regarding making models, I build models of remote controlled ships, with which I regularly participate in several competitions. Most of them is made of wood + one of platic, which has been interestingly the hardest to finish. I am a member of KLoM Ledenice.



All programs are free, however if you wish, you can support me.

Password manager

If you feel like forgetting all your passwords, because you are willing to protect your accounts by using multiple combinations of them, this is a solution. All passwords are encrypted and saved on local hard drive only. This software is in Czech only.

LEGO NXT printer

I've built a working LEGO NXT printer and a special software for it, which is able to work out and print small images. In comparison with others on the internet mine is much faster- it can print anything in time under 5 minutes, although the average time is about 3 minutes. Clicking the "YouTube" button will show you the printer in action.


Taltan is a relatively simple but powerful utility, which aims to improve or even override any possible keystroke you can think of. Taltan works on the lowest possible level (WIN API), and that combined with it's simplicity makes it a very powerful tool. Taltan might be detected as a virus and it would be absolutely correct, because it's just a few lines of code from keylogger.
Fully translated into English and Czech.

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